HI-TECH Repair Center.

Hi-Tech lab we are specialized in any kind of motherboard repairs.

HI-TECH Repair Center.


Key Highlights

  • We offer expert Nintendo Switch console repair services in Rotorua
  • Our technicians are qualified and experienced in fixing a wide range of Nintendo Switch issues
  • We provide advanced repair solutions for power failures and motherboard problems
  • Our in-house HI-TECH LAB ensures that your console is repaired with state-of-the-art equipment
  • We offer screen repair techniques for both OLED and regular consoles
  • Choose us for your Nintendo Switch repairs and enjoy the benefits of qualified technicians and a warranty on our services


Welcome to Budget Computers and Kiwi Mobiles, your go-to destination for expert Nintendo Switch console repairs in Rotorua. We understand the frustration of having a malfunctioning console and its impact on your gaming experience. That’s why our team of qualified technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch repair services to get your Nintendo Switch back up and running in no time.
At Budget Computers and Kiwi Mobiles, we pride ourselves on our expertise in repairing Nintendo Switch consoles. Whether you have a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, or the new OLED model, we have the knowledge and skills to fix a wide range of issues. From charging failures to screen damage, we have the solutions to get your console working like new again.

Understanding Nintendo Switch Console Issues

Nintendo Switch consoles are known for their versatility and portability, but like any electronic device, they can encounter problems. Understanding the common issues that can arise with Nintendo Switch consoles can help you identify when it’s time to seek professional repairs.

Common Symptoms of Nintendo Switch Problems

  • Charging failure: Your Nintendo Switch may not charge properly or may not hold a charge.
  • Screen damage: Cracked screens or distorted displays can hinder your gaming experience.
  • Power failure: The console may not turn on or may randomly shut down during gameplay.
  • Motherboard issues: Problems with the motherboard can cause various malfunctions.
  • Controller connectivity: Joy-Con controllers may not connect or respond correctly.

When to Seek Professional Repairs

While minor issues with your Nintendo Switch console can sometimes be resolved at home, there are certain situations where it’s best to seek professional repairs. If you’re experiencing persistent problems you can’t fix alone, it’s time to bring your console to the experts.
Professional repairs are essential if you’re dealing with hardware issues, such as screen damage or motherboard problems. Attempting to fix these problems yourself can result in further damage or voiding your warranty. It’s also important to seek professional help if you’re unsure about the cause of the issue or if you’ve tried basic troubleshooting steps without success.

Our Repair Services at Budget Computers and Kiwi Mobiles

At Budget Computers and Kiwi Mobiles, we offer a range of repair services to address any issues with your Nintendo Switch console. Our skilled technicians are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to provide efficient and reliable repairs.

In-House HI-TECH LAB Overview

Our in-house HI-TECH LAB is where the magic happens. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, our technicians have access to advanced tools and technology to diagnose and repair your Nintendo Switch console. From specialized soldering stations to diagnostic software, our lab ensures that your console receives the highest standard of care.

Charging Failure Repair Solutions

Charging failures are a common issue with Nintendo Switch consoles. Whether you’re using a third-party charger or experiencing issues with the official Nintendo Switch charger, our technicians can diagnose and repair the problem. We have the expertise to fix charging ports, replace faulty batteries, and ensure that your console charges properly.

Screen Repair Techniques

Damaged screens can greatly impact your gaming experience. Whether you have an OLED or a regular Nintendo Switch console, our technicians are skilled in screen repair techniques. We can replace cracked screens, repair display issues, and restore your console’s visual quality. With our screen repair services, your Nintendo Switch will look and function like new.

Advanced Repair Solutions

In addition to basic repairs, we also offer advanced solutions for more complex issues with your Nintendo Switch console. Our technicians specialize in power failure repair methods, ensuring that your console turns on and stays powered during gameplay. We also provide motherboard repair services, addressing issues affecting your console’s core functionality.

Power Failure Repair Methods

Power failures can be frustrating, preventing you from enjoying your favorite games. Our technicians are experienced in diagnosing and repairing power-related issues with Nintendo Switch consoles. From faulty power buttons to internal circuitry problems, we have the expertise to restore power to your console and get you back in the game.

Motherboard Repair Services

Motherboard issues can be complex and require specialized knowledge. Our technicians are skilled in motherboard repair services, ensuring your Nintendo Switch console functions properly. Whether a faulty connection or a damaged component, we have the tools and expertise to diagnose and repair motherboard problems.

Text Table:

ComponentRepair Solution
Faulty ConnectionIdentify and fix loose or disconnected components
Damaged ComponentReplace damaged components with high-quality replacements.


Why Choose Us for Your Nintendo Switch Repairs

Regarding Nintendo Switch repairs in Rotorua, Budget Computers and Kiwi Mobiles is the top choices. We provide a range of benefits to ensure that your console receives the best care possible.

Qualified Technicians and State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our team of qualified technicians has extensive experience in repairing Nintendo Switch consoles. With their expertise and knowledge, you can trust that your console is in capable hands. Additionally, we equip our technicians with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate diagnostics and efficient repairs.

Warranty and After-Services

We understand the importance of peace of mind regarding console repairs. That’s why we offer a warranty on our repair services. If any issues arise after your console is repaired, bring it back to us, and we’ll make it right. We also provide after-services, such as software updates and maintenance tips, to help you keep your Nintendo Switch in optimal condition.

Preparing Your Nintendo Switch for Repair

When it comes to getting your Nintendo Switch console repaired, proper preparation is key. Before sending your console for repair, you should take a few important steps. First, make sure to back up all your saved data. This can be done using the Nintendo Switch’s cloud save feature or by transferring your data to a microSD card. Next, remove any game cartridges or microSD cards from the console. It’s also a good idea to clean the console and accessories before sending them in for repair. Finally, ensure that your console is packed securely to prevent any damage during shipping.

Steps to Take Before Sending Your Console for Repair

Before sending your Nintendo Switch console for repair, following a few steps is important to ensure a smooth process. First, back up all your saved data using either the cloud save feature or transfer it to a microSD card. This will ensure your game progress is not lost during the repair process. Next, remove any game cartridges or microSD cards from the console. These accessories are not needed for the repair and can be kept safely at home. Additionally, cleaning the console and accessories before sending them in for repair is a good idea. This will help prevent any issues arising from dirt or debris. Lastly, make sure to pack your console securely. Use a sturdy box and padding materials to protect your console during shipping. These steps will help ensure your Nintendo Switch console is ready for repair.

What to Include with Your Nintendo Switch Console

When sending your Nintendo Switch console for repair, you should include a few items to ensure a smooth process. First and foremost, include a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing with your console. This will help the repair technicians understand the problem and provide an appropriate solution. Additionally, include any relevant accessories, such as Joy-Cons or Pro Controllers, that may be affected by the issue. If you have purchased any digital games from the Nintendo eShop, provide your Nintendo Account details so the games can be re-downloaded onto your console after the repair. Lastly, specify the model in your repair request if your console is part of the Nintendo Switch family, such as the Nintendo Switch Lite or Nintendo Switch – OLED Model. Providing all the necessary information will help ensure a smooth and efficient repair process for your Nintendo Switch console.


In conclusion, taking care of your Nintendo Switch console is crucial to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Recognizing common symptoms and seeking professional repairs promptly can save you from further damage. At Budget Computers and Kiwi Mobiles, our qualified technicians offer advanced repair solutions with state-of-the-art equipment in our in-house HI-TECH LAB. Choose us for reliable services, warranty coverage, and excellent after-service support. Before sending your console for repair, follow our simple steps to prepare and expedite the process. For any concerns or inquiries, refer to our FAQs section for detailed repair timelines and procedure information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Repairs Typically Take?

The time it takes to repair a Nintendo Switch console can vary depending on the issue and the repair service provider. At Budget Computers & Kiwi Mobiles, Repair center Rotorua, the average repair time for a Nintendo Switch console is around a week. However, this may vary depending on the parts availability and the repair’s complexity. It’s always best to check with the repair service provider for an accurate repair time estimate. Whether you have a Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, or Nintendo Switch – OLED Model, rest assured that the repair technicians will work diligently to get your console back to you as soon as possible.